Tip calculator

Did you have a nice meal and was the service good? Then it’s normal to give a tip. Using the tip calculator you know exactly if you give enough of maybe even to much as an extra.


Why should you give a tip

Giving a little bit extra is for some workers almost an essential addition to there paycheck. Without this little bit extra money they won’t be able to support there family. Mostly for the service industry giving this extra bit of money is almost normal. It can be difficult to calculate the amount you would like to tip. Often people use a percentage, this makes it even more difficult. Our tip calculator helps you in a couple of ways. First it gives you the option to use a couple of standard percentages for tipping. Also, it shows the amount you should pay per person. Very handy when you where eating with friend, family of colleagues.

What amount should I tip?

In North America the general accepted percentage is between 15 and 20%. This is different per country and part of the world. Also you van change the amount you like to pay extra based on the service. If this was great you can even use a greater percentage then the general accepted 20%. But is the service was slow or unfriendly you can even choose to bring this back to 5% or even zero!

Using the tip calculator

Of course you can do the math and come with the right amount yourself. Calculating the tip from 20 dollars isn’t that difficult. Our tip calculator comes in more handy when you have a bigger bill amount or a strange one like 231,54 dollar. Giving 15% tip is getting a bit more difficult now isn’t it!

Our tip calculator uses simple math to give you the right result. Based on your input it uses the right percentage and bill amount. You can also split the bill between your friends or colleagues.

tip calculator